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Updated at: 2023-08-20.

"IAM" Pledge to Report Violent Crimes while Empowering Youth & Mentor Organizations with Tech Ownership and Financial Sustainability: uChatYes Launches Revolutionary AI Platform

Dallas, Texas - Gregory Barnard & Three sons Tech team, representing UMYO, (United Movement for Youth Opportunities- Un-Masking Your Opinion) organization expresses profound enthusiasm for the impactful #WhyNot Pledge To Report Violent Crimes Community Campaign - Battle of the Cities & Business Entities. The campaign, a collaborative effort between communities, businesses, religious entities, and youth, aims to report violent crimes by promoting unity, accountability, and positive change within cities.

Recently featured in Black Enterprise, Black News, Texas Metro news and others, The Fathers and three sons tech team as a passionate advocate for community engagement and youth empowerment is thrilled to be submitting their support and interest in using their community owned platforms in this meaningful initiative.

uChatYes, a pioneering youth and Nubian entity, is proud to announce the launch of their revolutionary AI platform, uChatYes.com, aimed at providing tech ownership and financial sustainability to the youth in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower youth aged 12 and above with the hottest tech AI in the world, Chatgpt, allowing them to own and market their own version of the AI platform and generate substantial monthly income as community partners.

Our objective is to brand each business by giving away 1000 plus giveaways each day to the community. For less than $25 dollars a week, the community will brand you daily via social media. It's our community to business collaboration #WhyNot accountability campaign. Let us know what you want to give away and each month the sponsored giveaway will be on behalf of your business.

At uChatYes, we firmly believe that membership tech platforms equal "WEALTH," and through this initiative, we seek to create a supportive community that enables our youth and their mentors to thrive financially. This can be done in any city. Through collaborative efforts, our young entrepreneurs and their mentors can achieve a monthly income of at least $2500 each as early as 12 years old, liberating themselves from the conventional 9-5 job structure and diminishing their reliance solely on grants.

As more community members and business owners register on uChatYes along with our other created ai marketing platforms, the potential for earnings increases for both our mentors, students and families. This initiative is not just about financial empowerment; it is about creating a united community that supports the growth and success of its youth. Youth organizations and mentors now have the opportunity to dedicate themselves fully to working with young people, free from the burden of monthly expenses, thanks to community accountability. We stand behind businesses that prioritize the well-being of the community.

This unique ownership with other ai marketing platforms allows youth to service and locally brand business owners in their city at a cost based upon what the business owners can afford. By giving youth the finances, tools, location, and catering to their interests, uChatYes.com aims to reduce crime, bullying, and peer pressure while promoting teamwork, trust, and fun.

With structured technology that emphasizes accountability, paid online learning, and the support of the community, youth now have the opportunity to spend their free time learning and engaging with AI technology rather than being on the streets. This initiative enables local organizations to control the narrative in their respective cities, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

"At uChatYes, we believe that technology owned by the community is the key to solving community issues," said the spokesperson for uChatYes. "By empowering our youth with AI platforms and financial sustainability, we are equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Understanding this concept doesn't require advanced scientific knowledge. We are merely reimagining AI platforms and utilizing the generated profits to empower communities, with the collective support of communities throughout the nation. We owe it to the now and next generation"

In an era where AI is projected to replace 300 million jobs by 2030, uChatYes.com is determined to create sustainability through technology rather than relying solely on jobs. Their mission is to empower one city at a time, starting with the vibrant community in DFW.

To support this transformative initiative and join the uChatYes community, visit uChatYes.com. The membership cost to use uChatYes is Free to $14.99 per month, which is offering an affordable and life changing alternative to the current Chatgpt platform priced at $20. How Can I Support?

For media inquiries, please contact:

Name: Barnard Gregory Email: virtualbrandingsolutions.com Phone: 682-231-2366

About uChatYes: uChatYes is a pioneering youth and Nubian entity that focuses on empowering young entrepreneurs through ownership of AI platforms. By providing tech ownership and financial sustainability, uChatYes aims to reduce crime, bullying, and peer pressure while fostering learning, trust, and community engagement. Their groundbreaking platform, uChatYes.com, offers youth the opportunity to own and market their own version of Chatgpt AI, catering to the unique needs of local businesses and promoting financial success. To learn more, visit uChatYes.com.